Our Services

We love to bring ideas to life, with extra care about the small details.
We provide multiple types of services for big and small business as well.
  • Front-End Development

    We use a wide array of the latest front end development and UI design technologies to enable full browser capabilities, website responsiveness and clean implementation:

    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Javascript
    • JavaScript frameworks (Jquery/Angular.js/React.js/Backbone.js/)
    • Node.js platform
    • PHP

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  • WordPress Website & CMS

    The WordPress CMS systems enable the management of web pages rich in various types of content, such as news pages, posts, forms, lists, dynamic calendars, as well as blogging, dynamic sites, business sites, store management, dynamic management in a fast and consistent manner.

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  • Responsive Web Design

    The use of various types of mobile devices is increasing, creating an immediate need to adapt websites to a wide variety of devices.

    Responsive Website is a site that takes into consider the size of the screen it is displayed in, and adapts itself as needed.
    Good responsive website provides solutions for all types of digital platforms: cellular touch screens (iPhone and Android), ipads and tablets, computers of all sizes, and more.

    You can change the size of the window you are surfing and see an example of a responsive site that fits itself to any screen size.

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  • UX & UI Design

    The User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design is the experience created by the encounter between your customers and you. The product that the customer meets should convey the main message for which it exists clearly, and direct the user to the product to where we wish to arrive. In addition, we would like to interact with the customer in the first encounter with the product, thus creating a sense of security about the product.

    The first step before starting the site design work is to arrange all the content of the site and decide on the hierarchy of their importance. Host Our role is to crack the most appropriate way to motivate the user to display all the content in a pleasant, intuitive and correct way so that the user gets to where we are aiming.

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  • Static Websites

    Every business need his own private website.
    The website needs to represent the vision of the company not only with the written context, but also in the design and the general atmosphere of the site.

    A static website is like the front door of every business, so it should be nice looking, work fast, and to give the user the best experience that the business wants to message to the customer.

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  • Online Store

    Selling online became very popular all over the world.

    When building a store we need to take extra care on the UI and UX. The goal is to make the customer that visit our online store feel comfortable and secure enough so then he could buy some products.

    Selling online with your own ecommerce website has never been easier, faster, or more scalable.

    Impress your customers with a beautiful store!

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  • SEO & Website Promotions

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is maybe the most important part of any internet project.  A website can look amazing, with the most modern features, works perfect ux but if nobody will find the website, its all just useless.

    In other words, if nobody will read your book, listen to your song or live in your building, its like they almost dosen’t exist.

    There’s a lot of research that have to be done for any project, and few technical parts that can make your site very high in the google search results (even first!).

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